FFIV Free Enterprise Tracker Launcher - Created by BigDunka

Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise Tracker V2.2.2
Configured for version 4.5.X

Free Enterprise Home
Visit the official site: FF IV FE Official Site

Special Thanks
Special thanks to SchalaKitty for use of her item icons! You can find her tracker located at http://schala-kitty.net/ff4fe-tracker/

Update Release Notes
What just got updated? Read the Release Notes.

Confused on how this tracker works? Read the instructions!

Want to run this locally? Download the source here or at the GitHub repository here.

Suggestions or comments?
Reach me in Discord: BigDunka#8354
Thank you!
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Have more presets that you'd want added? Send me a DM on Discord @ BigDunka#8354

Optional Flags
Disable Shop Tracking [?] Use Vertical Layout [?]
Disable Character Tracking [?] Use Auto-Tracking [?]
Disable Objective Tracking [?] Auto-Tracking Port [?]
Disable Location Tracking [?]
Disable Full Boss Tracking [?]
Disable ALL Enhanced Tracking [?]
Remember Settings [?]