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Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise Tracker V2.1.2
Configured for version 4.4.X

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Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise Tracker Release Notes

V2.1.1 - 10/13/2021
Added preset flags for FF IV FE Ladder Season Four http://ff4feladder.com
Updated our main URL from fftracker.dunka.net to ff4fetracker.dunka.net

V2.1.1 - 8/23/2021
Fix for vertical alignment in Mystery mode

V2.1.0 - 8/11/2021
Added support for Mystery races
NOTE: This is still in testing, please report any issues to Dunka, thank you!

V2.0.13 - 8/8/2021
Added preset flags for FF IV FE Ladder Season Three http://ff4feladder.com
Modified the "Hero" header for CHero to give it an orangered border to highlight

V2.0.12 - 8/4/2021
Added "Hero" header for character hero modes

V2.0.11 - 7/30/2021
Fix for new beta flags with any character starting and gated quests
NOTE: Gated quests will not filter out of the list. It is a large change for such a minor effect, there is no plan to make that limitation to the quest list

V2.0.10 - 7/27/2021
Added preset flags for Highw4y to the Zemus Zone

V2.0.9 - 6/4/2021
Added preset flags for FF IV FE Ladder Season Two http://ff4feladder.com

V2.0.8 - 4/12/2021
Added preset flags for the FF IV FE Ladder! http://ff4feladder.com

V2.0.7 - 2/15/2021
Removed a blocking clicking funciton in the Town Item Tracking window, which was preventing clickable events on gated shops

V2.0.6 - 2/14/2021
Code cleanup, clarification, and quality of life changes in the back scripting
Updated logic for the Town Shop tracker, and rearranged and reclassified some of the items
Added new logic for Push To Jump mode

** Our thanks to PixelTamer for all of the updates on this release! **

V2.0.5 - 2/13/2021
Added current 4.2.0 Beta flag changes
Added Lali-ho League presets

V2.0.4 - 11/20/2020
Added "Clear Hook Route" to be always available if running the -pushbtojump optional flag, as it can be cleared without the Hook

V2.0.3 - 11/18/2020
Added dynamic height for objective window (NOTE: This could cause potential issues with heights in vertical modes with several objectives)

V2.0.2 - 8/2/2020
Fixed minor parsing issues with flag assignment.

V2.0.1 - 7/14/2020
Re-ordered the objectives in the selection menu to be alphabetical, to make things easier to find, instead of the default sorting.

V2.0.0 - 7/11/2020
The site and tracker have been redesigned! We updated the overall look of the site, added some new features, and most importantly, added a new objective tracker for easier tracking of objectives! We did remove a couple of relatively unused features, like the flags tracker. We may put those back in at a later date, but they were sacrified for space.
Please report any issues that you may find, thank you!

V1.9.4 - 7/6/2020
Updated flags parser for 4.1.0 flags and new objective options.

V1.9.3 - 1/17/2020
Added search to the Objective list to make it easier to locate objectives on the large list.

V1.9.2 - 1/5/2020
Fixed remaining outstanding flag set options, so they should be showing up properly and available on the flag summary list.

V1.9.1 - 1/3/2020
Added custom objective tracking! I will be modifying this in the near future to allow for easier searching. Also includes Dark Matter tracking if that mode is live.
Added most (but not all) of the flag lists. There are a few flags that do not show up correctly, I have to adjust the structure as it changed in the official 4.0 release, so it will be out Soon (tm).

V1.9.0 - 11/25/2019
Updated flag parser for the new v4.0.0 flags!
- Just a note, I haven't been keeping up with all of the v4.0.0 changes, so I hope I got everything right, but please report any issues to Dunka (Discord: BigDunka#8354) and I will get them updated! Other new features, like the Dark Matter hunt and custom objectives, will be added in the near future!

V1.8.0 - 8/8/2019
Updated item tracking management, more accurately matching the flags selected, and allowing for more options for the user to pick
Updated text for Sheila's locations, as she has all the goods

V1.7.4 - 7/15/2019
Removed placeholders for Armory, Bestiary, and Character data sheets
- To explain this removal, since those placeholders were put up, two of the three features were recently added into easily accessible data, or even included within the game rom itself, thus making their use obsolete. Only the bestiary is not easily available. For this data, b0ardface posted it publicly and you can access it here.
Modified more of the item tracker menus to fit the current flagsets (A complete overhaul of this system to follow in the next update)

V1.7.3 - 6/16/2019
Added flagsets to match current 0.3.8 build
Corrected Pass logic to not show on item screen when it is not purchasable from a shop
Fixed logic to not include hook route when location tracking is disabled
Various typos fixed

V1.7.2 - 3/17/2019
Added character tracking hide flag for those that only want the item and location tracker
JS fix referencing invalid object
Added delay to new mouse hover text so it doesn't fire immediately upon hover

V1.7.1 - 2/27/2019
Minor text changes and typos
Modified required item reminders to simplify when parent key items or duplicate goals are reached [Pass always gets priority over Darkness Crystal]
Added location color coding for trapped chests

V1.7.0 - 2/26/2019
First major visual overhaul!
Updated cleaned up launcher page
Replace default font with much easier to read cleaner font
Added placeholders for Armory, Bestiary, and Character data sheets, to follow soon(tm)
Update important icon reminders
Updated color scheme for key item locations to match where they are located
Reordered key item locations to make more efficient in grouping
Changed logic for Hook Route, not showing Underground items until confirmed the route is clear
Added logic for Warp Glitch option to clear Sealed Cave without Luca key

V1.6.5 - 2/4/2019
Minor text fixes

V1.6.4 - 1/10/2019
Added presets for WSoFE events

V1.6.3 - 12/25/2018
Added optional flag for "Disable Location Tracking" to serve as a method to track locations without being able to access them
Added hint tags for each optional flag
Restored flag summary tag with new structure for the new game version release

V1.6.2 - 12/24/2018
Moved tracker out of beta into live to go with official release
Added clear button to party selection in case of a mistaken addition

V1.6.1 - 12/20/2018
Modified party selection to allow for duplicate party members

V1.6.0 - 12/18/2018
Added beta test release for updated build for 0.3.0 beta flags

V1.5.5 - 11/20/2018
Added Remember Settings feature to keep default toggles

V1.5.4 - 8/18/2018
Added launcher Flag Presets, will update occasionally when League flags change
Updated the item list for the shops for a few requested items

V1.5.3 - 8/8/2018
Added Waterway character for free lunch active flags
Fixed positioning for vertical alignment with new clickable overlays

V1.5.2 - 8/6/2018
Added "Disable Full Boss Tracking" feature
Having Full Boss Tracking enabled will bring up a list of all of the bosses when clicking on the Mist Dragon icon
This moves control of the toggle for the Mist Dragon to this menu, otherwise the icon works as normal when tracking is disabled
Modified the toggle for "Disable All Location Tracking" to "Disable All Enhanced Tracking" to include the new above feature
Added a "Known Item Summary" tracker, which will give a summary of items that are known and where they are at
Modified the popup menu controls to allow to click outside the menu to close it

V1.5.1 - 7/27/2018
Added "Disable All Location Tracking" feature
NOTE: This feature will disable the ability to dynamically change between DK Cecil and Kid/Grownup Rydia
Changed functionality of "No Items" in the item tracker to clear the list and auto-close the menu

V1.5 - 7/27/2018
Full release of the new tracker!
Added Flags summary, view by clicking on the Flags area under the item tracker to bring up the table
Simplified location tracking, where locations will only show up if they are available, and disappear when completed, to save space
View cleared locations (or to fix a mistake) by clicking on "=View Checked=" under each category and then allowing to correct the mistake
Towns/Shops have a new detailed tracker! Clicking on a Town will bring up a menu of popular items that are in the game and allow the user to select one or many items that are found at that location
Using the "Disable Item Tracking" feature on the launcher will hide the Towns/Shops selection
When the S5 flag is active, the Towns/Shops section will also be disabled, as nobody needs to track a billion Cabins
The Trapped Chests section will show up when K3+ flags are active
Text will be smaller to handle size constraints when the Trapped Chests section is active (Having the Towns/Shops section disabled will counter this change and have the text remain the normal size)

v1.4.3 - 7/26/2018
New beta tracker, dropped the visual tag as this is a modified version of the current tracker, with a much enhanced tracking system and item management
Removed the "Disable Sequence Breaking" feature from the launcher

v1.4.2 - 7/24/2018
Disabled current build of the Visual Tracker until a more streamlined layout can be designed, very unhappy with the added complexity
Moved the Mist Dragon icon for N flag seeds to the item tracker section
Fixed a key item bug to allow for 18 items for K2+ and P flag seeds

v1.4.1 - 7/22/2018
Update to beta Visual Tracker, more information to follow after release

v1.4 - 7/11/2018
Launched Visual Tracker in beta, more information to follow after release

v1.3.1 - 7/2/2018
V1 logic fix and stylesheet cleanup

v1.3 - 7/2/2018
Added vertical layout with locations table under the main table

v1.2 - 6/26/2018
Two releases in one day?! I couldn't resist, the crying Porom was too much.
Added K3 and K4 logic, these will show up on a new tab called "Trapped Chests"

v1.1 - 6/26/2018
Changed flag functionality to read all flags from the main launcher
Added Optional Flag section to launcher
Added Optional Flag to disable Item Legend Tracking (off by default)
Added Optional Flag to disable Sequence Breaking (off by default)
Added V1 and V2 Support for key items
Added J0 item tracking support, removing J1 and J2 items from item tracking and replacing them with J0 items only
Added an item count tracker to the item tracker table, going green when in double xp mode with the X2 flag
Added a highlighted background image for required items to the item tracker table, depending on the V flag
Added Excalibur tracking for V1 flags and removed the Crystal as an item count as Excalibur takes that slot
Added P1 tracking to include the Pass as a key item (NOTE: Item count is still capped at 17 due to the elimination of a key item in this mode)
Changed toggle method when the Item Legend Tracking is disabled, allowing for only on and off toggles for Towns
Added logic to allow to check Sealed Cave out of sequence breaking, only when you have Underground access and the G flag is off
Added mouse over titles for Characters and Items
Added Release Notes page

v1.0 - 6/12/2018
Initial Release